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New eco-innovation for the floor layer

By Johan Larsson 2022-12-19
Hardened and lacquered oak handle passes the environment test. Can produce ten times more floor material.

Nothing is more traditional than varnished oak floor, but even here there is room for eco-innovation. There are flooring company Bjelin behind innovation, the company already has over 2,500 technical patents for flooring technology resource to maximize production.

The demand is growing for high quality environmentally friendly flooring

Environmentally friendly production

The demand is growing for high quality environmentally friendly flooring that also withstand hard wear. It is the Swedish patented curing technology " Woodura technology " that makes the floor more durable than the traditionally produced oak floors.

The raw material is used, a maximum and there will be very little waste in production. Compared to an ordinary oak parquet can produce ten times more floor space per harvested oak. The entire chain can be controlled and guaranteed from innovation to forest and floors of all aspects of sustainability.

- Through innovation and to own and control all stages of production, we have achieved our vision, to produce high volumes of durable oak floors, says Zoran Mihajlovic, CEO Bjelin Sweden AB. The next goal is to become the world's largest and most durable flooring company.

Floor saving the forest

The raw material from oak in Slavonia Croatia Bjelin usually in conjunction with Croatian State. The oak trees cut in sawmill near the forest and get to the floor in its own factories. Bjelin specialize in hardened wooden floors. Herringbone parquet with click technology is an international "best-sellers". Now, the same hardened oak floors with click technology painted.

Business Group patented click flooring technology saving the environment when setting the floor. It does not glued, and it's quick and easy to add. Once in place hold Bjelins beautiful oak floors hardened considerably longer than a traditional parquet floor.