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HDL Group Strengthens team with new Senior Lead Cloud Engineer

By Pierre Grönberg 2024-02-08
HDL Group announce the appointment of Miguel as new Senior Lead Cloud Engineer. He brings a wealth of expertise to HDL, enhancing our capabilities in overseeing services, products, and cloud operations.

Miguels role is pivotal in elevating our SaaS products and solutions, and his profound knowledge is an invaluable asset to our customers. His diverse background spans several cloud and infrastructure providers. His recent tenure at Canonical as a Cloud Operations Technician showcased his adept skills in managing security, deployment, and maintaining critical infrastructure. His experience at Kinsta as a Systems Ops Engineer further solidifies his proficiency in implementing Public Cloud solutions for SaaS, contributing significantly to HDL Group's expansion strategies for 2024 and beyond.

His background at Kinsta and Canonical aligns perfectly with our main mission and goals

Specializing in infrastructure security and with experience in a Blockchain/crypto-based company, Miguel's insights are crucial in developing and securing both our internal infrastructure and public products. His presence in our team not only strengthens our offerings but also streamlines our compliance and cloud operations, fostering seamless integration with our DevOps department.

Elevates expertise

Bijay Luitel, CTO of HDL Group, commented, “Having Miguel in the team elevates our expertise in cloud and infrastructure operations. HDL Group has been evolving in providing cloud-related services with our company Kepler Technologies AB and product Kepler Cloud, from managed solutions to colocation structures. Miguel’s joining meets our customers' growing demands at a group level.”

Pierre Grönberg, CEO of HDL Group, shared his enthusiasm: “It’s a pleasure to collaborate with Miguel. His background at Kinsta and Canonical aligns perfectly with our main mission and goals. In today's urgent climate of security and cloud challenges, Miguel’s appointment is a strategic advantage for us.”

HDL Group is committed to developing customer-centric businesses and driving digital innovation with creative minds and cutting-edge technology. We welcome Miguel to our team, confident that his expertise will be pivotal in our continued pursuit of cloud excellence.