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Fast food chains abandons cow diet

By Darren Kóvacs 2022-08-09
When it comes to discussions on global warming, cows are frequently blamed for their gas emissions.
Cow meat replaced by lower cost alternatives. "Fighting global warming" claimed reason.

Feeling the urge to do something to combat climate change, Burger King has decided to introduce a new diet for their cows. The fast-food chain detailed their plans to add lemongrass to their cows' diet to reduce methane emissions. "Cow farts and burps are no laughing matter," the company says.

Cows blamed for their gas emissions

When it comes to discussions on global warming, cows are frequently blamed for their gas emissions. Cattle release methane gas into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming, according to many climate experts.

The restaurant shared their sustainability campaign on social media

Burger King has recently joined the ranks of companies that intend to step up their game in fighting global warming. The fast-food chain has announced that the company is changing the diet of their cows in an effort to reduce farts and burps. Reducing cows' emissions can help save the planet from global warming, they said.

Kids used to communicate

The restaurant shared their sustainability campaign on social media. The video illustrates that cows' gas emissions - contributing to climate change - need to be taken seriously, as they are causing global temperatures to rise and icecaps to melt. The video features kids talking about the issue in a catchy, two-minute song.

As it turns out, lemongrass will be a novelty in the diet of Burger King cows, which is said to reduce methane emissions in animals by 33 per cent a day. Burger King has also warned that cow farts are no laughing matter.

Greta Thunberg behind the scenes

Earlier, Swedish climate celebrity Greta Thunberg had also talked about the significance of cow farts in a bid to highlight its harmful effects. She believes today's climate emergency is partly due to cow farms' excessive greenhouse gas emissions. Methane produced as part of normal digestive processes incattle significantly deteriorates air quality, leading Greta to conclude that people should switch to a vegan diet as soon as possible.

An increasing number of climate healers are beginning to draw people's attention to cows' methane emissions and the ecological footprint of farms. However, they tend to forget that without these dairy farms, many of them would not be able to sip a latte in their favourite cafés, as a farmer pointed out.